Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy, Busy life!

Squeeky wheel get's the grease. Ain't that the truth. We do the things we love and most of the rest, unless life threatening, goes by the wayside. Well I am certainly no different. I've been busy with the grand children and then our move away from everyone. A few months down the road and I am back on here typing away. We all have something to say, the desire to be heard. The beauty of the blog is that outlet to say something...whether we are heard or not, doesn't really matter. The fact is sometimes you just want to type it all out.
I am sitting at my new desk at my new job and reflecting on YHVH's beautiful view He has given me out my work office window. It fills me up when I am missing my kids & grandkids. We have moved to a travel destination to many people, it's beautiful here! The move was orchestrated by YHVH, so I have resigned myself that this is where I am supposed to be. I'm past the mourning phase and now it is really time to be working hard for the Kingdom....

Monday, July 26, 2010

So why do you defend communion?

Recently on Facebook there was a picture of what is depicted as Messiah holding bread in one hand and a cup in the other. I was just a bit on the livid side, because the bread was a yeast bread and being sold as the "last supper." I spent 3 days with posts back and forth explaining and not wavering in my stand that the picture is incorrect from a scriptural standpoint and a man made tradition. When Messiah said to "do it in remembrance of Him." It was at the Passover Seder, not to institute a weekly or monthly tradition to serve bread or a communion wafer, that BTW tastes like rice paper not bread, grape juice or wine and do this on Sunday, the venerable day of the sun.
I went on and on combating all the so called accusations of what they kept trying to say that I was saying. They weren't even quoting me correctly. So I kept defending what Torah actually says, utilizing the fact that all the verses I was using is backed up by 2-3 others. So I let scripture interpret scripture. Not my words, but YHVH's. It was a great experience overall. It was sharpening me and letting me use the ability to recall YHVH's Words when I needed them the most. Let alone, I was reading His Word, recalling all His precious words and deeds. I was being used by YHVH to spread His light in this dark and dying world. I was so humbled by the experience as well. Because I felt that the ignorant words being thrown back at me could be me still stuck at that "stinkin' thinkin." I really felt what YHVH's mercy really is. He has been so gracious to me and my husband to have brought us out of "Babylon" that I am so grateful. It really is rightful that I am out there defending the faith.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Are there days that it feels like you are barely treading water? I just want to offer encouragement to continue to do what is right for the Kingdom of Yahweh. Keep yourself in a state of Emunah - Faith! Knowing that Yahweh has it all under His control. I actually find a great comfort in knowing that and that my steps are appointed by Him.
I had to laugh at myself a few minutes ago. Here I was posting and commenting on all the issues I find important on Facebook. Trying to solve all the world's problem with a few taps on the computer keyboard and suddenly a major hunger attack came upon me. So I am trying to solve these issues and here I am going hungry. I forgot to eat and take care of myself. However, the irony is that if I didn't take care of myself and feed me, I wasn't going to be able to think straigt and write cognitively on everyone's Facebook posts.
So I ate and now am writting here. But bottom line, Yahweh has it all under His control and we just got to be busier sifting Lost Israel, time is running out!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Praying is doing something for the Kingdom

As I am making ready my own heart and mind for the Full Restoration of Yahweh's Kingdom and what that entails, I am wondering what can I be doing now? With scripture saying for us not to be anxious for anything, I am now finally able to step back out of an anxious mode that I once was in daily, regarding making Aliyah to Israel. I know that all things will work itself out in the Aliyah process and I await the day when that can take place for my husband and myself. Yet I can be pro-active in my prayer life for Yahweh to move people's hearts now. To move the hearts of Judah to accept brother Ephraim as co-laborers of the Kingdom. Which also means praying for the hearts of the Rabbinate and Sanhedrin (Beit Din) as well as the political leaders of Israel. I think these are part of the "mountains" Yahshua was talking about that we have the ability to move if we would just have the faith of a mustard seed.

Also to move the hearts of Ephraim to understand who they really are. They are not part of the church, they are Lost Israel hiding out in the church and must come out from "Babylon."

I see so much of Ezekiel 37 on the verge of being fulfilled. The dry bones becoming flesh. Our stony hearts (all Israel - Judah & Ephraim) becoming flesh, and the 2 sticks becoming Echad. Messiah's desire for Israel is that we were unified - Echad as He, Yahweh and the Ruach are Echad. Just because Messiah Yahshua physically said it 2000 years ago does not take it out of the present tense. So that gives me hope that He is making us Echad.

Have the actual 12 Brothers, sons of Yakov (Jacob) ever really gotten along? We see from the accounts in Bereshit (Genesis) not really, no. Even after Joseph is reconciled to the family, they all move to Egypt, and after Yakov passes, the brothers wonder if Joseph is going to take out his revenge now that dad is gone. Loads of mistrust is still there. Judah doesn't want to assimilate to Christianity and Ephraim doesn't want to give up Messiah. I say we agree where we can and let Yahweh bridge the gap of all the other differences. Now in reality what we all really need is The Torah and The Testimony. I feel blessed to have both right now, before Messiah returns. But for some it may not be until Messiah returns that both parts are restored to them. Yet for now I can be pro-active in prayer for that restoration.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upset that scripture verse being taken out of context on an email campaign

I was just sent an email and the gist of it was to send an email around to everyone asking them to pray so 2 Chronicles 7:14 would apply to us in America. Though I think it would be great if America would repent and turn from their wicked ways, what 2 Chronicles 7:14 is clearly referring to is Israel and not any other country. I base this on the fact that only 1 country, Israel (all 12 tribes, not just Judah) are called His Chosen People. As believers in Messiah, we're grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel, as Shaul (Paul) clearly writes in Romans 11:1-36 (the whole chapter), Galatians 4:1-7, and in Ephesians 2:11-13 to just site some NT verses that do support believers in Messiah now becoming the Commonwealth of Israel being grafted into the chosen or elect, because they choose to follow King Messiah Yahshua, whom most of the world calls Jesus.

I just think its a far stretch to think that 2 Chronicles 7:14 applies to any other country but Israel only. Chronologically, this set of scriptures is before the separation of the Southern/Northern Kingdoms and before the Northern Kingdom of Israel was even dispersed by Assyria and Judah's captivity to Babylon. Clearly the scripture reference can allude to the fact that Yahweh is already foreseeing that His people are beginning to slip into idolatry. If you read on into verse 19, it parallels Deuteronomy 30 (pretty much the whole chapter, but more focused on 11-20) virtually verbatim, but shorter, a more capsulized proclamation.

Not to mention that most Christians do not, let alone Jews, even call the Creator of the Universe by his Memorial Name: Yahweh. Christians and Jews say God, yet we know any place The LORD is in English, its the Tetragramaton, YHVH, Yahweh, in Hebrew. 2 Chronicles 7:12, has YHVH in the Hebrew (I looked it up) so Yahweh speaking to Solomon (Shlomo), so clearly any reference to the words my name, shmi in the Hebrew, is clearly Yahweh speaking first person when He says My Name to Solomon. It is understood that one must have an understanding of Him as well as His Name for the verses to take on any meaning or substance that Yahweh will hear from Heaven and heal the Land (Eretz Yisrael). Sad to say, I would reckon that very few actually even know that His Name is Yahweh, so unless one is called by Him, the prayers are not heard. Matthew 22:14, 25:31-46.

I could go on and on. Scripture demands we give an account and truly the verses in the email have been taken out of context. Then if one is going to do 2 Chronicles 7:14, then one should read Deuteronomy 30, The Law of Return, then onto all the verses I quoted from Shaul and then Isaiah 56, and so on and so on, and not stop short of just praying - ONE MUST DO, too!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thy Kingdom Come, and quickly

I was just thinking, that as the Kingdom of Yahweh is approaching faster and what seems like at an exponential rate, the things that are man-made, created things (list way too long to post everything), once thought of as sure things, the world wide monetary system, and the tried and true things, are all turning to folly and melting away at a faster rate than an iceberg in the Gulf of Mexico. You see Yahweh is SUPREME and He will remove the things that are detestable to Him. Me Chamocha, Who is like you? There is no one and no thing that is Yahweh, but Yahweh. Hold fast to that and the things of this world will grow strangely dim.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rain Down on Us (Me)

As it is just pouring rain outside, I can't help but to feel like this is the kind of empowerment of the Ruach HaKodesh, Yahweh wants to pour down on us, personally & corporately as His Body. Right now it's cold, wet and a bit unpleasant to be outside. Besides the fact that it's nearly 2 am, and yet I am drawn to what I know in the physical is also in the spiritual realm as well and to a greater magnitude. It's not always easy to be obedient to Yahweh and step out on faith that He knows what He is doing. It gets us in that place of uncomfortable. But in these last days, we need to look past our physical needs, what we think is right based on our feelings or what we see, and step out into the spiritual and go stand out in the rain and get annointed with The Ruach HaKodesh. It will keep us focused, grounded, equiped, full up with His Shalom, and keep our eyes, ears& heart open. We need to be ready and available to say "The Kingdom of Yahweh is at hand!" to Lost Israel. We NEED this to combat the evils that try to sidetrack us. So let it RAIN DOWN ON US! Thank you Yahweh for your Presense earlier this evening. You are so good to us.