Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy, Busy life!

Squeeky wheel get's the grease. Ain't that the truth. We do the things we love and most of the rest, unless life threatening, goes by the wayside. Well I am certainly no different. I've been busy with the grand children and then our move away from everyone. A few months down the road and I am back on here typing away. We all have something to say, the desire to be heard. The beauty of the blog is that outlet to say something...whether we are heard or not, doesn't really matter. The fact is sometimes you just want to type it all out.
I am sitting at my new desk at my new job and reflecting on YHVH's beautiful view He has given me out my work office window. It fills me up when I am missing my kids & grandkids. We have moved to a travel destination to many people, it's beautiful here! The move was orchestrated by YHVH, so I have resigned myself that this is where I am supposed to be. I'm past the mourning phase and now it is really time to be working hard for the Kingdom....

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